Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Above average again, 2-5 again

For the 2nd week in a row we bowled significantly above our average in 2 of the 3 games yet we only managed to pick up 2 points. We blew away our 790 average in the 1st game with a solid 837 and came back with an 859 in the 3rd game. We had a rock solid effort in the 3rd with our scores ranging from 148 - 194 and all team members bowling at or above average.

Pat, with his weekly Sunday practice sessions now being complemented by hours of nightly WII (sp?) bowling practice, has really reaped benefits of the extra time dedicated to this red neck sport that we enjoy every Tuesday. Pat enjoyed another stellar performance leading to a 557 series (197, 169,185). Rick's 3rd game 194 broke his 2 consecutive games of 167 on the way to a nice 527 series. Jim's 1st game of 178 led the way to a near 500 series (498), while Dan (468) and Brian (409) were in the general neighborhood of their averages but overall had very lukewarm efforts.

The team shirts may be irritating our opponents into the extra incentive of kicking our butts each week but this would just be another lame excuse. Since about December 1st, we have been in a team funk with a very poor record tainting our strong start to the season. Let's remember, this season is a marathon not a sprint.....We are not the best, we are not the WORST...there still is time to finish FIRST!! Any ole' strike will do boys.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bake your balls boys and let the oil drip!

It is somewhat disheartening when we bowl 15 pins above the team average and get annihilated by almost 100 pins!! We took an even worse beating in the 2nd game, losing by almost 200 pins!! Fortunately, the third game combo of us having our best game (822) and the opponents having their worse (995) resulted in us escaping with 2 points, winning by a whopping 4 pins. Dan's "I'm clutch in the 10th" comment to Brian almost came back to haunt him as he tight roped his 1st ball along the gutter and left a sloppy pin placement for his spare attempt. Pat's effort for the evening, a career best 543 (199, 153, 191), were the only bowling scores worth mentioning. Nice job!

As usual, there were some classic comments made during the evening (none quite as good as the Jim D "outfit" comment last week). "It's a shame its not a mirror", "She wasn't parting the sea she was picking seeds", "All I am looking for is a little peek a boo(b)" and "The lanes are finally drying out its time to go full throttle" to name a few.

As we were leaving for the evening, Mr. 300, started telling us about some urban myth about baking your balls in the oven. My first reaction was "how do you keep your short curlys from burning?" After a little clarification I realized he was talking about BOWLING balls. I don't care what he was talking about but no one is going to put my balls in the oven.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 - Grab your balls we are going bowling!!!

After our 2 week hiatus Los Disablos came to the alley as a united team. Everyone wearing the new team outfit......except off course, the captain!!! It wasn't long before our opponents discovered our unified look and had a nice little laugh. Although Brian's apparent snub and or boycott of the T-shirt did inspire one of them to ask: "what's wrong with him, didn't he get the e-mail?" I'm sorry Brian, I know Scott's shirt says "captain" on it, but please, get with the program.

It was somewhat alarming to see Los Diablos at 0-7 and at the bottom of the standings as they have re-set the league for the 2nd half. Despite an un-inspired 1st game 778 (11 below average) we actually dominated the opener by over 70 pins, thanks to Pat (177) and Rick (191) keeping us alive. The 2nd game we regressed, bowling a 762. Rick again bailing us out with a 198. We did rebound in the 3rd with a solid 826. Rick (202), Jim (190) and Dan (183) led the solid effort.

Brian, taking the T-shirt boycott a step too far, turned in a girl's 7th grade intramural league effort with games of 125, 119 and 120. Wow! When are you getting that new ball? We did manage to take the night 5-2, perhaps inspired by the shirts or a visit from former sub Jim D. Some classic comments were made, though none as disturbing as the "Wow, Jim, you really look like you are bulking up!! You really fill out that outfit!"