Tuesday, April 22, 2008

$$ on the line...what we've been waiting for!

For months we have gone with the idea that we will turn it around once playoffs hit. Tonight the playoff teams played for $30 a point and the game was on. In the 1st game, three of our 4 bowlers went over 2 bills (Rick 234, Dan 223 and Jim 207) leading to our high game of the year 949. This led to dominant 135 point victory. Rick and Dan both earned the 4 strike chicken dinner.

Game 2 was not quite the success story as we sunk to a 788 and lost by 96 pins. After 2 games, each team had 2 points with $90 riding on the last game. Rick, Dan and Jim, all cooled off in games 2 and 3, all averaging in the mid 170's for the last 2 games. It was Pat, shaking off the PP blues (Paulsen / Prybel), buried the memory of his 152 / 137 "efforts" in the 1st two games and exploded with a 233 in the 3rd (also earning the chicken dinner). This was a career best game leading to a series of 522. All 4 Los Diablos bypassed the 500 series mark (Rick 585, Dan 568 and Jim 553). This excellent team effort led to a 5-2 evening mark and tough guy talk about how great we are and how it was just a matter of time before we started to kick some butt again.

It is nice to have a solid effort under our belts as we head into the the final 2 weeks. One sad effect of the excellent bowling was the small poker pot winnings. We all agreed it will be nice to have Brian back so that the pots will be once again worth playing for...hurry back Captain.