Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Any more 2nd place "challengers"?

There comes a time when the cream rises to the top and the true champions stand up and declare for all the world to see that they are for real. For the 2nd week in a row Los Diablos was faced with a "challenge" from a 2nd place team (the previous 2nd place team was down to 3rd after the 5-2 beating the week before). The killer instinct came out and the jugular was exposed as a career team high 901 (previous 877) contributed to a career high series of 2523 (2487). A 7-0 shellacking made the case quite nicely that we are for real!

The strong showing was led by Jim's(555) and Rick's (526) 500+ series. Dan (497) and Pat (490) flirted with 500 and despite failing to obtain the "girly" standard of 120 (named for Jim's early season troubles) Brian had a solid 455. His 118 tied his previous low for the year but was no where near the team low of 85 (anybody owning that one?).

Everyone is familiar with a Jack-in-the Box, right? Well how about a Dick-on-the-back? I am not sure if I was more disturbed by the grey haired gentleman slowly rubbing his Depends encased schwanz across Jim's back every time he got "up" to bowl or by the fact that someone (we know who!) kept farting every 10 minutes. Those 2 items may not be as concerning to some as Dan's turkey gobble and finger gesture or Rick's "I got a friend who can slap his nuts against his cheeks" story!!!

Every week is a fun filled occasion full of laughter and good ole fashion male bonding. This year's team success has only made Tuesdays that much more enjoyable. See you next week boys.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's all about BOWLING average!!

Apparently Brian was mis-quoted last entry. It is not about "being" average it is about "bowling" average. This held true for Los Diablos as our 1st place standing was put to the test during position week. We averaged a 780 (compared to our team average of 778) and we put further distance between us and the "challengers" by taking 5 points.

The team average was greatly assisted by Rick's excellent 534 series. Contrary to Jim's claim that tequila shots will improve our games, Rick's scores appear to be indicative of the cumulative effect of alcohol on athletic performance....a 211 followed by a 181 followed by a 142. Pat (180, 144, 123) and Dan (160, 147, 126)had similar results as well as the unconventional "no strikes" for either of them in game 3. Although at one point Pat hung his head and mumbled "Oh no, looks like the bad Jim is back", Jim M. had a solid 517 series as he quietly sets his sights on regaining his role as team leader. Hey Dan, maybe if you took your left hand off your throat as you bowled you would score better than a 433 series.....where is your string of 500+ series now?

Brian's 138, 139, 134 games almost appeared as if he was a no show and we just entered in 10 below his average across the board. My apologies for the lack of acknowledgement of last week's burrito achievements by Jim and Brian. Jim earned another one this week. Rick needs to join the team burrito bonanza as Dan earned one in the 1st week of October and Pat earned one on a Sunday practice session.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

....and then there were Five

A week earlier than expected, the Assman showed up to fill the roster and complete what should be a solid team to head into the 2nd half of the 16 week fall season. Although we slipped out of 1st a couple weeks ago, we are in a solid position to finish in the top two and earn a playoff spot. In his 1st appearance with the team, Rick repeatedly declared how he was deliberately bowling poorly for the benefit of the team. Sure, Rick....way to take one for the team!

Spurred on by Brian's"girly 120's" comment directed at him, Jim came out of the gate with a solid 137. Not exactly awe inspiring play but it was above 120! Dan, desperately searching for something to get Jim back on track, deftly tucked his orange Illini shirt into his whitey-tighteys hoping this little act would get Jim's mind off his inability to score higher than his daughter at a bumper bowling birthday party. Jim quickly took the bait and declared to all within earshot "those aren't whitey-tighteys, those are Ralph Lauren!" A 197 and 211 followed along with Jim's declaration that he was back.

Pat continued his recent torrid pace and hit the 500 series mark for the 3rd consecutive week. Nothing really of note, just 3 solid games at what should be his new weekly goal. Dan, distracted by the new seating arrangement and the uncomfortable feeling that someone was staring at his rear-end, had an uninspired 462, returning his average to the 170 he had a week ago. Last but not least, Brian had the unlikely combination of bowling his season high game of 206 (vs 168) and his season low 118 (vs 122) in the same evening. The "jump off the cliff" progression of scores (206, 145, 118) led Brian to once again repeat his motto: "It's all about being average".

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The leaves are turning, it must be FALL!!!!

Maybe the No Smoking signs at Fox bowl should be replaced by caution signs like the one pictured here. Much to Dan's embarrassment and his teammate's pleasure, Dan discovered a little misplaced splash of urine on the underside of a bowling shoe significantly negates the sliding characteristics designed into the shoe. As Dan layed sprawled on the oily lane and watched as his teammates busted a gut laughing at his expense, all he could think of was "I earned a 4 strike burrito on the way to a career high 567 series!"

Pat continued his torrid pace of the last few weeks and had another 500+ series (519). This performance was in no doubt boosted by seeing his name listed as a top performer from the previous week (high handicap series). Brian has taken over Dan's steady Eddie position and had another solid week with a 453 series.

One can only hope that Jim M. is a better finisher in all other aspects of his life (after bowling "rolling" for instance) than he is at bowling this year. Rumor in the pep talk stalls was that other members of the team are contemplating an intervention and considering mandatory Sunday morning practice sessions to get him back on track. I'm sure the Sunday school class would understand if they knew what was happening to the once cocky and brash team leader of a year ago.