Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back on track

After the previous week's effort where all 3 games were in the 700's, the team rebounded and bowled all three games in the 800's this week (824, 822, 830). When we lost the first game by only 6 pins we all were speculating out loud where we could have mustered up another 7 pins to pull out the victory. Was it the open frames in the 10th or the missed spares in the 5th? Bottom line is all frames by all bowlers contribute to a victory or a loss. Fortunately for us, we bounced back to take the 2nd and 3rd game as well as the series 5-2. As Jim is always quick to point out: "We always win 5-2 when I am here!" Maybe a little less fishing and hunting and a little more dedication may be in order.

We fell short of the 5 x 500 (actually nobody shot in the 500's) but Jim's 605 was definitely note worthy and JD's 497 gives us hope that the anchorman that we all saw in JD last year would soon emerge. We also had three 200+ games with Jim finishing with a 203, 226 and JD bowling a 203.