Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Sub 100

Two weeks ago the team rebounded nicely by winning all 7 points after taking only one point the previous week. You may recall that was the infamous "Six Pin Pat" walkaway game. This was also the week that Dan had the flawed logic that if he changed the order in which he bowled he would miraculously bowl better than he has been and he could possibly stop the downhill slide his average is currently on (wrong!). This 1-6 evening resulted in the loss of our 1st place standing for the first time in the 2nd half of the season.

As mentioned above, last week the stars were once again aligned and order was restored. The old lineup was back and a very nice 7-0 was the result. This also catapulted us back into 1st place. Take that, Mini Me's and your "sour grapes-leave-without-shaking-hands" attitude. All these updates bring us to this week. Scott was called in from the bullpen to sub for Brian, who despite a previous week's chest thumping declaration: "Tuesday night has always been and always will be my night out with the boys!! No family event will ever trump Tuesday night bowling!!!" Looks like no family event will ever trump bowling unless that family event occurs on a Tuesday night, huh Brian? How ironic it only took 2 weeks for the declaration now known as the "Brian bravado" to be tested and proved to be all hot air.

Despite the team's successful run with our set line-up, Muck's desire to prove he is not a head case and Dan's desire to snap out of a multiple week funk, this week saw the order changed drastically to Muck, Pat, Dan, JD and Scott (now referred to as Super Sub 100, stay tuned for explanation). This shakeup spurred us on to a 665 score (100+ below average). Despite the low score we actually won the 1st game, as well as the 2nd game. We had the 3rd game in hand until the 10th frame when only Muck could muster a mark in the 10th. We lost this game by a very narrow thirty-some pins but still came away with a 5-2 evening. Scott achieved what was previously thought unachievable....2 games below 100. His "high" game of the evening did not even reach the girly 120's. His wild and erratic 20 mile per hour balls (easy fellas) did manage 4 times to knock either the 7 or 10 pin down while careening down the gutter. Hence the name: Super Sub 100. Scott's accomplishments for the evening: 92, 118, 97 for a series 308 as well as 4 score adjustments due to the gutter ball pin knockdown as mentioned above.

Editor's note: It has been awhile since an update to the blog has been entered and I was surprised to see that a previous unpublished draft existed. Although a little outdated, I feel it has some entertainment value to be included in its draft format. Enjoy.

(previously unpublished draft) Every so often Pat tries to spice up the evening as he shows up with some recent it a distorted, broken finger suffered during a basketball game or a facial contusion caused by blindly walking into a cabinet as he did last season. Apparently, he liked the facial contusion the most as he again showed up with a very distinct, Gorbachev-like mark on his head. "How'd you hurt your head Pat?", we inquired. "Headboard", Pat stated without hesitation. This of course made us all laugh, especially with the knowledge that Mary was not home this weekend! We all gave each other the raised eyebrow glance as we tried to imagine what activity Pat was doing solo that would result in a headboard induced head injury.