Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We are off......another season underway

The day after any bowling night is always interesting. Will there be a blog entry, will there be a string of e-mails or text messages? Or will we all just secretly not speak the unspeakable based on some of the team's recent "successes"? Do we hope that the actions of the previous night might somehow have actually been a dream (nightmare?) and not a reality?

All valid questions that I will now answer. First thing Wednesday morning sure enough, out comes the "how'd we do?" e-mail from JD. Not missing a beat, Jim M. tosses in some wit at the team's expense, followed shortly by an always encouraging word from Jim H. (thanks for your eternal optimism JH). Nothing seems too strange here, right? Unless you know who bowled, that is. Notably absent from the commentary was Dan, Brian, Mark and Pat...the guys that actually mustered up the courage to take an 0-7 ass-whippin at the expense of the MAN, the Myth, the Legend....Neil Falsedick.

With the one exception of Mark who won $13 for his 164 and had a 514 series, the Diablos (I'll say it again....dumb name) were not up for the challenge of participating in a Men's bowling league. Mr. Asterisk had a 438, El Capatain a 419 and Rocky "I'm not the anchor" Redbridge needed a mark in the 3rd game's 10th frame to eek out a 405. Possibly more impressive was the Prybel-esque manner in which he did it (yes, the dreaded gutter / spare combo) If someone can quietly bowl a 125 pins below average it was achieved by Pat, inspiring a "I had know idea you were bowling so shitty" comment at the end of the evening.