Sunday, December 7, 2008

King of the Hill

For the 2nd week in a row JD broke what used to be the unattainable threshold of a 500 series. His 511 (161, 135, 215) in week 13 helped us to a 5-2 victory. He topped that in week 14 with an inspired 562 (209,181,172) which propelled us to an impressive 7-0 for the evening. At this pace we may become a 500 team in the standings!!
An interesting tidbit over the last 2 weeks was the fact that 2 weeks ago JD was the only bowler to top a 500 series. Brian was close with a very nice 489 but Dan (437), Todd (408) and Jim H. (412) failed to flirt with 500. Jim H. started strong with a 175 but the 3rd game of 93 (yes, his 1st sub 100) put any hopes of a good series to rest. By contrast, in addition to JD's 562, Jim M. (526, high game 224), Dan (522, high game 200) and Pat (516, high game 176) all managed to exceed 500 in week 14.

Our overall record has improved to a season best 44-54!!!.