Saturday, September 29, 2007

Career bests not enough for team victory!

The excruciatingly long hours spent perfecting his newly developed hook finally reaped rewards as Pat had a career night, posting some impressive numbers we all hope to see on a regular basis in the future . A career high game 206 ended a very solid evening leading to a career high 529 series. Dan followed with a solid 507 series (his 4th consecutive 500+ week) and Brian kept up his end of the team effort with his normal solid pace (446 series).

Jim, apparently flustered by the prospect of the Cubs making the playoffs or by the fact that his role as the team's top bowler was being challenged, had a very impotent effort and staggered in with an anemic 401 series. Even a self administered "pep talk" couldn't help as he watched his average drop from 176 to 164 over the past 2 weeks. Los Diablos needs you to get your MOJO back...get your game face on and re-establish yourself as the team's leader!!!!

We have lost a little of the early season momentum and swagger that we had, going 2-5 the last 2 weeks. Let's get it together boys.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 4 - Near perfection = reality check

The week 3 scoring summary shows we still sit atop the standings with a 19-2 record. Individual glory goes to Dan who was listed with the top handicap game (301) and top handicap series (784) for the week. Muck also had his name in lights with a 780 series, a mere 4 pins from robbing a teammate of his momentary place in the spotlight.

Week 4 saw us put forth an impotent effort with a 1st game score of 710 (weren't we talking about a 900 game?). We were outscored by 150% (1007 scratch!). Todd proved to be our strength (?) with a 152. The 2nd game saw our opponents take 2 perfect games into the 10th frame. Needless to say another slaughter was in place as we were outscored 1181 to 736. Los Diablos did rally behind the D' brothers to take the 3rd game, led by Dan's 192 and Pat's 182.

After 4 weeks we should be sitting at 21-7 and sitting towards the top. We need to keep up the pace to ensure we secure a spot in the playoffs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 3 - Los Diablos still rolling

We were all pleased when we arrived at the alley to see we were the only undefeated team with a solid 14-0 record. As we began bowling in week 3 we were clearly bowling as if we figured out that in bowling, as in many other areas, it is better on top!!!Unofficially we ran our streak to 18-0 as we had 2 dominant games. Oh yeah, the 800 team game goal that we finally broke last week with an 805.....we blew that away with an 857 only to outdo that with an 877. A 900 game is definitely in our future boys. We did, however, have a reality check in game 3 with our standard 753.

All sorts of "bests" this week. Jim M. had the unprecedented 2 X 2 with a 208 and a 223, leading to a team history high series of 579. Three strikes in the tenth would have given him a 600! Nice job. Dan had a personal best high game of 222 leading to a personal best series of 547. This included a string 17 consecutive frames with a mark (11 in 1st game and 6 to start the 2nd game). Pat had his high game for the year with a 192 and J.D. proved to be a solid team member with a 487 series (162 average). Back to the team for a minute, the 800 games mentioned above led to a new team series high of 2487 (2315 previous high).

All in all a very good start to the new season, establishing ourselves as a team that means business!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Season 2 starts out with a bang!

The first week is over and done....Holy CRAP we're number 1!!!

A solid showing in the first week had the Diablos taking all 7 and establishing themselves as legitimate contenders this year. The excruciating hours spent over the summer perfecting our styles apparently worked well as Jim M. (174 average), Brian (154) and Dan (152) all played above their last year's averages. Jim H. stayed in the same area code with a 143 (vs. 147) and Pat looked to firmly establish himself as the number 5 bowler. The 3rd game of 89 brought his percentage of sub 100 games to 50% in his last 6 games. We are going to need better than a 117 average to consistently challenge the 800 pin game goal this year.