Saturday, September 1, 2007

Season 2 starts out with a bang!

The first week is over and done....Holy CRAP we're number 1!!!

A solid showing in the first week had the Diablos taking all 7 and establishing themselves as legitimate contenders this year. The excruciating hours spent over the summer perfecting our styles apparently worked well as Jim M. (174 average), Brian (154) and Dan (152) all played above their last year's averages. Jim H. stayed in the same area code with a 143 (vs. 147) and Pat looked to firmly establish himself as the number 5 bowler. The 3rd game of 89 brought his percentage of sub 100 games to 50% in his last 6 games. We are going to need better than a 117 average to consistently challenge the 800 pin game goal this year.

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My time will come. PD