Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week 5 - January 30

We went 2-5 last week to give us a league record of 10-18, dropping us to 13th place. To make matters worse, we had the ominous task of facing the number 1 team with a 23-5 record this week! Come on boys, we need a BIG effort.

Jim M. (proudly displaying his newly purchased ball) led the team with a very solid 484 total pin effort. Captain Brian followed with his usual steady effort of 461 pins, Dan with 439, Pat 403 and Mark 346. Everyone bowled above their average which contributed to our solid 5-2 victory over the number 1 team!!

Congratulations to Jim M. with a personal best high game of 181 and high series of 484. Mark lowered his team leading low score to 89 but he followed that with a very impressive personal high of 151. Nice job guys.

Most amusing event of the day was the confident, turn around and walk off the lane move that Mark did only to be shocked that only 9 pins went down. You were robbed, Mark.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The team forms

Our first night, 4 of us wearing the bozo-like, fungus-laden rental shoes that scream out that we do not belong in a men's bowling league. Once the bowling began, there was little doubt that our skill level matched our shoes. Captain Brian was the exception, bowling a high game of 199 and a 490 series. The rest of the team finished with (high game / series): Dan 162/443, Jim H. 163/435, Pat 145/393 and Jim D. 137/384. The league feels no fear of team #18.

Week 2 and our starting lineup is in place. The league still knows us as "Team #18" but we know in our hearts we ARE "Los Diablos"!! We actually finished 3-4 in the first week and we are in 10th place (out of 18). Dan led the team this week with a 175/438 followed by Brian 167/418, Pat 188/412, Jim M. 172/390 and Mark 143/367. Jim M. had the distinction of bowling the team's first sub-100 (97) but he rallied with a 2nd game of 172. Nice turnaround Jim M.

Week 3. The results from week 2 show we finished 5-2 (overall 8-6) which moved us up to 8th place. Not bad Team #18. If there were any doubt, Brian re-established himself as the leader with a 177/475 followed by a strong showing by 2nd time sub Jim D. 167/472, Dan 167/461, Pat 134 / 389 and Mark 111/310. Mark's 92 gives him the dubious honor of having the team's low score for the season.

Week 4. Ouch, we went 0-7 in week 3 to put our overall record at 8-13, which is good for 13th place. Our high score in game 1 this week was a 128!! We had a team score of 585 pins in the first game. Overall Brian led us with a 190 /451, Jim M. with a strong effort of 165 /448, Dan 136/373 (a poor showing 25 pins below his average), Pat 132/372, Mark 114 /317.