Saturday, January 27, 2007

The team forms

Our first night, 4 of us wearing the bozo-like, fungus-laden rental shoes that scream out that we do not belong in a men's bowling league. Once the bowling began, there was little doubt that our skill level matched our shoes. Captain Brian was the exception, bowling a high game of 199 and a 490 series. The rest of the team finished with (high game / series): Dan 162/443, Jim H. 163/435, Pat 145/393 and Jim D. 137/384. The league feels no fear of team #18.

Week 2 and our starting lineup is in place. The league still knows us as "Team #18" but we know in our hearts we ARE "Los Diablos"!! We actually finished 3-4 in the first week and we are in 10th place (out of 18). Dan led the team this week with a 175/438 followed by Brian 167/418, Pat 188/412, Jim M. 172/390 and Mark 143/367. Jim M. had the distinction of bowling the team's first sub-100 (97) but he rallied with a 2nd game of 172. Nice turnaround Jim M.

Week 3. The results from week 2 show we finished 5-2 (overall 8-6) which moved us up to 8th place. Not bad Team #18. If there were any doubt, Brian re-established himself as the leader with a 177/475 followed by a strong showing by 2nd time sub Jim D. 167/472, Dan 167/461, Pat 134 / 389 and Mark 111/310. Mark's 92 gives him the dubious honor of having the team's low score for the season.

Week 4. Ouch, we went 0-7 in week 3 to put our overall record at 8-13, which is good for 13th place. Our high score in game 1 this week was a 128!! We had a team score of 585 pins in the first game. Overall Brian led us with a 190 /451, Jim M. with a strong effort of 165 /448, Dan 136/373 (a poor showing 25 pins below his average), Pat 132/372, Mark 114 /317.


Pat D. said...

Dan(Webmaster), excellent job with the site. I look forward to over taking Jim M. in the coming weeks! Pat D.

Pat D said...

Don't forget to check out this site.

Pat D. said...

Big news this morning as we participated in our post Church practice session: league bowlers bowl free at Fox Bowl from 10-11am on Sunday mornings! Look for us there!

Anonymous said...

Dan (Webmaster and Statistician) nice job with the website!
Are you feeling the heat from Jim M and Pat now too?
Los Diablos showed we do belong (even with Clown shoes our first week).
Brian P