Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week 5 - January 30

We went 2-5 last week to give us a league record of 10-18, dropping us to 13th place. To make matters worse, we had the ominous task of facing the number 1 team with a 23-5 record this week! Come on boys, we need a BIG effort.

Jim M. (proudly displaying his newly purchased ball) led the team with a very solid 484 total pin effort. Captain Brian followed with his usual steady effort of 461 pins, Dan with 439, Pat 403 and Mark 346. Everyone bowled above their average which contributed to our solid 5-2 victory over the number 1 team!!

Congratulations to Jim M. with a personal best high game of 181 and high series of 484. Mark lowered his team leading low score to 89 but he followed that with a very impressive personal high of 151. Nice job guys.

Most amusing event of the day was the confident, turn around and walk off the lane move that Mark did only to be shocked that only 9 pins went down. You were robbed, Mark.


Donna said...

I am so glad that Mark and Pat told me about this site. I am enjoying reading about Los Diablos explotes. Keep up the good work so I can keep reading about Los Diablos.

Los Diablos Bowling Team said...

Donna, thanks for the feedback and telling Pat of the misspelled word. I will correct (I did this at midnight!).

Diablo #5 said...

If the webmaster would come to Sunday AM practice, maybe Los Diablos would have taken all 3 games.

Kayak Man Dan said...

Diablo #5....while I accept your observation regarding my "perceived" lack of practice, keep in mind you referred to yourself (accurately I might add)as "diablo #5"!!!