Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Week 6 - February 6

Our solid effort from last week (5-2 over the number 1 team) moved us up 1 place to 12th overall going into tonight's competition.

We had an overall nice team effort tonight (despite finishing 2-5). We recorded our season high team score of 776 (previous high 761) along with a team series high of 2234 (previous high 2145). Individually Pat recorded a personal game high of 189 (vs. 188) and a season best series of 473 (vs. 413). This solid effort by Pat increased his season average by 4 pins! 2nd time sub Jim H. also had a personal game high of 180 (vs .163) although his series was his season low of 424 (vs 435). Nice job boys.

Leading the way tonight was Pat with 473 total pins, Dan 450, Brian 446, Jim M. 441 and Jim H. 424. The most interesting, amusing and perplexing (based on how he scored so well) tidbit from tonight was Pat losing his "Mojo"and his continued confusion on how to walk while holding a bowling ball (can he walk and chew gum? you ask). Despite this he continued to score well and even got a strike on the dreaded double bounce approach shot. Whatever you did, keep it up if it produces a 473 series.

Be sure to check out the updated averages, personal best's and hall of shame on the left.


Pat said...

I will be interested to see what Dan is going to do with his new ball. If only I had won my squares for the Super Bowl!

Kayak Man Dan said...

I may have to try the "double bounce" ball and or shift my feet alternately each time from left to right to see if I can bowl a 473 series.