Thursday, February 22, 2007

Week 8 - February 20

Our impressive 5-2 record in week 7 put us at 22-27 overall and moved us up to 12th place going into week 8. In week 8 we were facing team #3 with a 23-26 record who were in 11th place. A solid team effort could move us up further in the standings.

Apparently the loss of new team leader Jim M. and the burden of carrying our young team on his back for 8 weeks was too much for captain Brian. We got swept off the lane and finished the night a dismal 0-7. Brian, physically and mentally drained from the 8 consecutive weeks of bowling, will take a deserved week off next week. Speculation is he is going to a fantasy bowling camp to try to regain his old form that earned him the respectful title of "captain".

The limited highlight from the evening (unless you call Brian bowling all 3 of his games BELOW his previous low game) was Mark's high game for the year of 181 (previous high from just last week of 159). Mark has clearly shown vast improvement from the beginning of the season by once again increasing his average. This despite entering into the sub 100 region with a 91 in game 1. Speaking of sub 100, Brian (yes the guy with the team high game of 199) became just the 3rd Los Diablos to fail to reach the century mark with a 92 in game 2.

Mark came 1 pin away from the 4 strike burrito, Pat and Dan bowled right at their average and Jim D. had a sub par evening dropping his average 7 pins. 1 more week to go for the burrito and get our collective "mojo" back. Let's go fellas!!


Pat said...

Dan, I must say these last two entries have to be my favorite. I laughed for five minutes straight!As you know I have been considering getting a new ball, and although I have had many bad experiences with blue balls, I may have to reconsider my color choice before my purchase! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I can come clean now that the word is out. Yes, I am enrolled in a Bowling Camp in Vegas for the week. It is intensive training (12 games per day for five straight days) given by some of the PBA bowlers who have suffered through slumps in ther careers. The brochure states "you may not be the best, you might be the worst, but we can keep you from being embarrased each week". If this doesn't work, the only other option I see is to tell Katy that she'll have to make excuses for me on Sunday morning since practice would be mandatory.
Wish me luck Diablos, and bowl well in my absence!

El Capitan!

Anonymous said...

Captain oh captain, we do wish you well and hope for an outstanding performance upon your return.