Saturday, March 3, 2007

Week 9 - February 27

Our dismal team effort of 0-7 in week 8 put us at our lowest point in the overall standings for the year at 14th. Four dedicated and concerned members of the team attended the Sunday practice session. Nothing too exciting other than Pat earning our team's first, and only, 4 strike burrito.

Week 9 did not start out too well when we realized El Captain had taken our 1 set of cards with him to the fantasy bowling camp in Vegas (Brian, they supply the cards there). The high stakes "secondary" games within the games were in jeopardy. Thankfully our opponents had a spare deck and suddenly things were looking up! Would Pat continue to enjoy his knack of "coming in the back door"?

Inspired by the return of team anchor Jim M., we had a solid effort and came away with a 5-2 record. Jim M. led the way with a 475, Dan 466, Jim H. 453, Mark 350 and Pat 347. Highlights included Dan with season high games (182 vs. 175) and series (466 vs. 461). Jim H. also enjoyed his best series (453 vs. 435). Was Jim H.'s success brought on by his realization that you can indeed score better with 15 pound blue balls verse pink balls? He made the switch midway through the night and the scores speak for themselves. However, Jim H. did really seem motivated to get as many cards as possible (hmmm), avoiding the dreaded and shameful "hit the hip" move. The team also had its best individual score of the year (794 vs. 783). There still is time for a team 800 game and an individual 200. How about week 10?

Pat flirted with becoming the 4th LosDiablos to fail to score in triple digits but he avoided that with a 103. Unfortunately this was a new low for the year (vs. 106) and contributed to his series low for the year (347 vs. 372). Jim H., taking a moment to look up from studying his poker hand, put a well placed hand upon Pat's shoulder and said "at least you broke a 100!". That's nice Jim, but this isn't little league, this is the Villa Park Tuesday night MEN'S bowling league.

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