Saturday, March 17, 2007

Week 11 - March 13, 2007

Our 0-7 effort in week 10 dropped us to 14th place overall with a 27-43 record. Fortunately for us we drew the 18th place team in week 11 and things were looking good. Until we started to bowl, that is, and we felt like the post-Jordan Bulls, the early years. We dropped another 7 to the last place team in the league. An 0-14 run in the heart of the season is not what the new guys need to do to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with next fall.

We did have a few highlights (despite the fact we lost the first game by 13 pins and the last game by 8 pins). Jim M.'s Sammy Sosa-like refusal to ever bowl in the 3rd spot again proved to be prophetic as he bowled his high game for the year (191 vs 181) and had an excellent 488 series bowling in the 4th spot. "Steady Eddie" Dan followed with a 439 (bowling right at his 146+ average), "Slowly climbing the ladder" Mark was next with 434, "The stakes are too high" Jim D. had a 402 and "Dr. Jekyl / Mr. Hyde" Brian brought up the rear with a 390. The almost 4 pin average jump that Brian made up on Jim M. for top bowler (can a team on an 0-14 run really have a "top" bowler?) was lost this week as the pendulum swung the other way.

Jim M.'s disgruntled tirade regarding his bowling position and Brian's testosterone-tainted "leapfrog" smack talk directed at Dan aside, the battle for year-end top bowler honors is still up in the air. Watch out fellas, as you two have your wild weekly average swings, there is someone quietly waiting in the wings.

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