Friday, March 9, 2007

Week 10 - March 6, 2007

Our 5-2 record in week 9 moved us up to 13th and in week 10 we had El Captain back in the saddle. Things were looking good....until we started to bowl.

Solid efforts by Pat (flirting with the 500 series with a 497) and Brian (a solid 485 series) were wasted as Jim M., Dan and Mark all bowled below their averages. These sub par efforts resulted in an 0-7 weekly record and surely a move down in the standings next week. Pat's 3 games in the 160's led to a 497 series, followed by Brian (485), Dan (427), Jim M. (416) and Mark (343).

Pat's impressive night moves him into the 2nd highest series for the year (verse 511). There was an interesting move in averages up at the top. Almost 4 pins were made up by the 1 time team anchor (Brian) verses the new king of the pins (Jim M.). Could the burden of being the team "leader" be too much pressure for Jim M.? Talk in the locker room revolved around a certain team member being displeased with the order in which he had to bowl. This could be an interesting competition to round out the season and Brian appears to have thrown down the challenge.

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