Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 4 - Near perfection = reality check

The week 3 scoring summary shows we still sit atop the standings with a 19-2 record. Individual glory goes to Dan who was listed with the top handicap game (301) and top handicap series (784) for the week. Muck also had his name in lights with a 780 series, a mere 4 pins from robbing a teammate of his momentary place in the spotlight.

Week 4 saw us put forth an impotent effort with a 1st game score of 710 (weren't we talking about a 900 game?). We were outscored by 150% (1007 scratch!). Todd proved to be our strength (?) with a 152. The 2nd game saw our opponents take 2 perfect games into the 10th frame. Needless to say another slaughter was in place as we were outscored 1181 to 736. Los Diablos did rally behind the D' brothers to take the 3rd game, led by Dan's 192 and Pat's 182.

After 4 weeks we should be sitting at 21-7 and sitting towards the top. We need to keep up the pace to ensure we secure a spot in the playoffs.

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