Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 3 - Los Diablos still rolling

We were all pleased when we arrived at the alley to see we were the only undefeated team with a solid 14-0 record. As we began bowling in week 3 we were clearly bowling as if we figured out that in bowling, as in many other areas, it is better on top!!!Unofficially we ran our streak to 18-0 as we had 2 dominant games. Oh yeah, the 800 team game goal that we finally broke last week with an 805.....we blew that away with an 857 only to outdo that with an 877. A 900 game is definitely in our future boys. We did, however, have a reality check in game 3 with our standard 753.

All sorts of "bests" this week. Jim M. had the unprecedented 2 X 2 with a 208 and a 223, leading to a team history high series of 579. Three strikes in the tenth would have given him a 600! Nice job. Dan had a personal best high game of 222 leading to a personal best series of 547. This included a string 17 consecutive frames with a mark (11 in 1st game and 6 to start the 2nd game). Pat had his high game for the year with a 192 and J.D. proved to be a solid team member with a 487 series (162 average). Back to the team for a minute, the 800 games mentioned above led to a new team series high of 2487 (2315 previous high).

All in all a very good start to the new season, establishing ourselves as a team that means business!!

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