Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's all about BOWLING average!!

Apparently Brian was mis-quoted last entry. It is not about "being" average it is about "bowling" average. This held true for Los Diablos as our 1st place standing was put to the test during position week. We averaged a 780 (compared to our team average of 778) and we put further distance between us and the "challengers" by taking 5 points.

The team average was greatly assisted by Rick's excellent 534 series. Contrary to Jim's claim that tequila shots will improve our games, Rick's scores appear to be indicative of the cumulative effect of alcohol on athletic performance....a 211 followed by a 181 followed by a 142. Pat (180, 144, 123) and Dan (160, 147, 126)had similar results as well as the unconventional "no strikes" for either of them in game 3. Although at one point Pat hung his head and mumbled "Oh no, looks like the bad Jim is back", Jim M. had a solid 517 series as he quietly sets his sights on regaining his role as team leader. Hey Dan, maybe if you took your left hand off your throat as you bowled you would score better than a 433 series.....where is your string of 500+ series now?

Brian's 138, 139, 134 games almost appeared as if he was a no show and we just entered in 10 below his average across the board. My apologies for the lack of acknowledgement of last week's burrito achievements by Jim and Brian. Jim earned another one this week. Rick needs to join the team burrito bonanza as Dan earned one in the 1st week of October and Pat earned one on a Sunday practice session.

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Keep up the good work.