Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Any more 2nd place "challengers"?

There comes a time when the cream rises to the top and the true champions stand up and declare for all the world to see that they are for real. For the 2nd week in a row Los Diablos was faced with a "challenge" from a 2nd place team (the previous 2nd place team was down to 3rd after the 5-2 beating the week before). The killer instinct came out and the jugular was exposed as a career team high 901 (previous 877) contributed to a career high series of 2523 (2487). A 7-0 shellacking made the case quite nicely that we are for real!

The strong showing was led by Jim's(555) and Rick's (526) 500+ series. Dan (497) and Pat (490) flirted with 500 and despite failing to obtain the "girly" standard of 120 (named for Jim's early season troubles) Brian had a solid 455. His 118 tied his previous low for the year but was no where near the team low of 85 (anybody owning that one?).

Everyone is familiar with a Jack-in-the Box, right? Well how about a Dick-on-the-back? I am not sure if I was more disturbed by the grey haired gentleman slowly rubbing his Depends encased schwanz across Jim's back every time he got "up" to bowl or by the fact that someone (we know who!) kept farting every 10 minutes. Those 2 items may not be as concerning to some as Dan's turkey gobble and finger gesture or Rick's "I got a friend who can slap his nuts against his cheeks" story!!!

Every week is a fun filled occasion full of laughter and good ole fashion male bonding. This year's team success has only made Tuesdays that much more enjoyable. See you next week boys.

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