Saturday, November 3, 2007

It was a SCARY night

The day before Halloween did not prove to be a good one for Los Diablos as they took some of their own medicine and were handed a 2-5 defeat. Despite rumors that there may have been some under the counter cash exchange for a certain team member to throw the games, we actually had a solid evening, bowling above the team's average.

In a similar "blood is thicker than beer" vein, accusations were flying that a certain family member of the author got a pass in the blog write-ups. This week it is hard not to mention the flaccid 431 effort put forth by Pat. Maybe if he had spent a little more time concentrating on knocking down the pins and a little less time creating his infantile "kick-me" type sign to stick on Jim's back (yes, that same back from last week!!), he could have scored better.

On the positive side, Rick (536 series) and Jim (518) continued their battle for team leader. Rick has successfully moved to the top with a 169, Jim is at 167.4 and Dan is at 166.7. Rick was overheard the next day at work stating: "I have only just begun!!" Is that a challenge, a threat or just supreme confidence? Let's get back on track boys, we took some losses this week when we actually bowled above average. It is all about matching (then exceeding) the team we are competing against on any given week.

When we started out we may have been worst, but look at us now, we are still in FIRST!! Let's kick some ass!!!!!!!

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