Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 13 and week 14 updates

Week 13 (11/20/07) we were without the services of big Jim who was out in the wilderness guarding sheep on Brokeback Mountain.....or was it hunting deer in Wisconsin? Either way we missed his wit and wisdom. With Todd R. throwing the hook with a houseball on the way to a 450 series, we won the evening 5-2 by a total of 3 pins!!! Thank goodness Brian stepped up his game from the previous week's 383 and coaxed another 6 pins to fall this week. The 389 series put us over the top. Pat and Rick led the team with a 508 and 512 series.

Week 14 (11/27/07) The standings sheet reflected our slim 1 point lead on the previous week's sheet (50 to 49) had grown to a 6 point margin on the strength of last week's 5 pointer and the 2nd place team's 0-7 effort. Thanks to a 3rd game rally, we were able to squeak out 2 points and ensure that we will still be in first place next week.

With the exception of Rick (202 and 179) all team members were below their averages for the 1st 2 games. This led to team scores of 772 and 763, well below our team average of 787. This stellar effort led to a good ole' fashion ass kicking and we were down 140 pins with only 1 game to go and our 1st place standing in jeopardy. A shot of tequila later and the team rallied for a 3rd game score of 902, all team members except Dan exceeding their averages. Dan, throwing a strike and falling across the foul line for the 2nd time this year, has been banned from using the men's room for the rest of the year.

Some notable scores from the evening: Pat entering into the "less then girly" territory with a 114, Rick with a career best 216 (previous 211) and an awesome 597 series (previous 536). One can only think what would the score have been if he had not left the 9th and 10th frame open in game 2 and had not thrown the dreaded gutter ball in the 10th frame of the 3rd game. Pat achieved the 3 strike turkey and Rick the 4 strike burrito. As Rick pointed out later, maybe if Pat was not wearing the size 14-16 boys pants he had on, he could have achieved the burrito, too. Based on Pat's "no-hands" package adjustment, seems as if he could have used a pair of Sansabelts with a skoatch more room in the crotch.

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