Sunday, December 9, 2007

The noose tightens!!!

It's all about bowling your average. Captain Brian has sung that song numerous times and we have seen it work out numerous times. Unfortunately Los Diablos bowled below their average every game and the results, although painful and unfortunate, were not unexpected. An 0'fer!!! 0 and 7, skunked, ass-whooped.
With the exception of Dan's respectable 522, all members saw their averages take a kidney punch, no one even reaching their average in any game! One postive note was Brian continues to climb towards the elusive (at least in the last 3 weeks) 400 series with a 392. Looks like he has put those 380's in the rear view mirror.

With our "solid" effort this week, we may have sunk to 2nd place in the standings. Fortunatley, this upcoming week is a position week and we can control our own destiny. We need a collective team pep talk, we need to pick up the king pin, pick up those one pin spares with the width of 2+ balls and get back to smelling our balls. J.D. will be subbing for hop along Rick and hopefully we will pick up some steam heading into the final weeks of the fall season.

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