Friday, December 14, 2007

"Average" just does not cut it

Our poor showing from the week before dropped us to 2nd place for the 1st time in a long time. The plan was to stick to the goal of bowling our average and letting the handicap do the rest. The good news....we bowled above our average all three games. The bad "Any old strike" played to their namesake and blew away their average in the 1st two games. We were down 0-4 and 94 pins going into the last game. With our 1st half play-off spot in jeopardy and the old guys on the other team getting tired, we saw a slight chance to salvage the evening and possibly scratch out 3 points.

Brian rose to the occasion, saving his best effort (191) to the last game on the way to an impressive 495 series. I am not sure but I believe Brian had a little glimmer of realization that a weekend session at the alley can be beneficial. Dan's solid 563 series (1st game of 226, a personal high) and Pat's strong 509 helped keep the evening from being a total disaster. Subbing for sub J.D., Jim H. cancelled his trip to New York just to hang out with the boys, drink some beer and throw the rock. As always, Jim was right at or above his average.

We did win the last game and were close to taking the series (losing by only 14 pins). Next week is the end to the 1st half of the season, let's ALL step up to the plate and lock in our playoff spot.

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