Friday, December 28, 2007

Free balln' is ok but free fallin' is not!!

The good news was that when we showed up we found out that we were in 2nd place as of the end of the 1st half of the year, thus ensuring us a spot in the spring playoffs. The bad news is that in the current state of free fall from 1st that we are currently in we may have that playoff spot taken away from us if things do not turn around. Boys, you can free ball if you choose, but free fall is not good. We took another 0-7 beating. Two weeks off before we see where that puts us in the standings.

We actually did not bowl all that bad, with Pat (523), Dan(518) and Jim M. (504) all exceeding 500 series. Brian seemed re-energized with a 473 and J.D. brought up the rear with a 405.

An unexpected gift from Santa's helper lifted the teams' spirits and everyone is looking forward to the edge our new shirts will give us.....Grab your Balls, we are going bowling! Let's get back on track.

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