Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The leaves are turning, it must be FALL!!!!

Maybe the No Smoking signs at Fox bowl should be replaced by caution signs like the one pictured here. Much to Dan's embarrassment and his teammate's pleasure, Dan discovered a little misplaced splash of urine on the underside of a bowling shoe significantly negates the sliding characteristics designed into the shoe. As Dan layed sprawled on the oily lane and watched as his teammates busted a gut laughing at his expense, all he could think of was "I earned a 4 strike burrito on the way to a career high 567 series!"

Pat continued his torrid pace of the last few weeks and had another 500+ series (519). This performance was in no doubt boosted by seeing his name listed as a top performer from the previous week (high handicap series). Brian has taken over Dan's steady Eddie position and had another solid week with a 453 series.

One can only hope that Jim M. is a better finisher in all other aspects of his life (after bowling "rolling" for instance) than he is at bowling this year. Rumor in the pep talk stalls was that other members of the team are contemplating an intervention and considering mandatory Sunday morning practice sessions to get him back on track. I'm sure the Sunday school class would understand if they knew what was happening to the once cocky and brash team leader of a year ago.

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