Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Week 15 - April 10, 2007

Everyone's average went down with the exception of Mark....his average did not change. Our high score in the 1st game was a 133 (Pat, new ball and all) and our high game for the evening was 165 (Dan). While one of our stated goals is to bowl an 800 game, we did not even break 600 in the 1st game or 700 for the evening!!! Sounds like a dismal evening considering we were playing "Big Dog" and the 8th place team. However, handicaps are a wonderful thing and we successfully brought 5 quality bowlers down to our level and we actually won the evening 4-3.

It was quite humorous (considering the qualify of our collective games tonight) to hear the macho talk of how, of course, Los Diablos was going to return in the fall and that we were a force be reckoned with for years to come. That being said, Dan led the charge tonight with a 400 series, Pat (397), Jim M. (393), Mark (371) and Brian (367).

As we move into the final stretch of the season in 15th place, I am thinking a more appropriate slogan may be "We're not close to the best but may be the worst, there's not a chance in hell we'll finish first".

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Pat said...

Pat's low of 97 really bits-but at least it's not in the 80s!