Thursday, April 2, 2009

"B" squad my ASS

What would we do without our rocks, our strength, the number 1 and 2 bowlers on the team? Who would lead us on the trash talking and the "get your head out of your #@%" comments? Despite the gloomy forecast and the prospect of an 0-7 evening, Los Diablos showed up on Tuesday night. How would we put our 776 average up against Hank and the Any Old Strikes' 994 average? With Brian in the familiar lead off spot (no place for headcases tonight), Dan in the anchor spot and JD solidly in the middle, we filled inthe roster with a late arriving Todd and Super Sub 100. The question was in everyone's minds....would Scott break 100 in more than one game this week or would he truly take over as King headcase?

Not only did Scott break 100, his 485 series (175, 181, 129) was 178 pins over last week!! Brian's 520 (163, 213, 144) was followed by Dan 's 503(192, 163, 148), JD's 490 (186, 162, 142) and Todd's 447 (174,128, 145). No need to do the math, that was a whopping 890 in the 1st game, only 12 below our all time best. Needless to say we did an ass whippin' and won by 153 pins. Game 2 saw a slight drop to an 847 but another 2 points nonetheless. This margin was a mere 84 pins. Could we possibly win all 7 or would Hank's corkscrew, annoying style finally get the better of us? We did dip to a sub par 708 in game 3 yet it was good for another 41 pin victory and a 7-0 sweep. Los Diablos was on fire and we tied our all time high handicap series with a 3555. This performance by a "subpar" lineup got the talk going about who truly deserves to be in the starting five and begs the question.......can you afford to miss a week?

As we all say and know all too well, it sure feels better to be taking 5 or 7 points a night verse getting only 1 or 2. Let's keep it rolling.

PS. A couple worthy notes. During his 175 game, Scott earned the right to buy shots and Brian started out game 2 with 5 straight strikes.

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