Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quaterly report: 2010 - 2011 season

As I read the last entry (a guest author submission by bowler #4 back in March), it prompted me to read some previous entries. Not only did I enjoy the way the words just flew off the screen effortlessly, it brought me back to a glorious time in the history of Los Diablos. There was talk of the team 5 x 500 (this "land on Pluto" type dream has not been mentioned once this year) and weekly 7-0 records. We sat clearly on top of our division. Was last season a preview of our future league domination or was it a fluke, an aberration, as it were? I will let you decide.

Having had the distinction of being the only other published author on this blog, JD knew he had to do something to get the updates started again. After all, wasn't it his argument (albeit a flawed one) that the long standing tradition (less than 1 year) of the tequila frame must be reinstated to get the bowling world back on its axis? He was sure that his 11 in the first frame would prod this stubborn author into action but he was wrong. What could he do? He figured the only way to become legendary was to do something previously thought unachievable in a men's bowling league....he scored a 1 in the 1st frame. Knocking down only the 7 pin like a pro in a practice session, all he needed to do now was throw a gutter and the 1 would be his. Not JD, though!!! That would be too easy and not very noteworthy. As JD approached on his 2nd throw, he knew the only way to make this special was to throw the exact same ball again. He released the ball, it curved across the lane and to his delight, slid out of sight in the same spot vacated by the 7 pin, all 9 others in place. The smirk on his face seemed to say "write about THAT, blog master!"

While I must admit that it is blog worthy, would we not all agree that Pat throwing a ball while the pin sweeper was still down was a little more "interesting"? As he watched the ball slowly roll back towards him after loudly crashing into the sweeper, a goofy "WTF? / "how'd that happen?" expression crossed his face. The bowlers on the surrounding lanes shook their heads in disgust and wondered how this group had ever managed to get into this league. Quite blog worthy I am sure you would agree....but the story does not end there. Seeking the attention that Pat got (negative as it were), Mark too let his ball fly while the ball sweeper was still down. Now the remaining teammates had the collective "WTF?" expressions on their faces. "We are going to get kicked out of this league" was their sentiment. Once was bad enough, but twice?

Some facts to digest: Last year's team average: 824. This year's 769. Muck last year: 186, now 172. Dan last year: 167, now 156. Pat last year: 164, now 158. Brian last year: 155, now 140. JD last year: 158, now 134. That is 4 out of 5 with the sub 10 pin average asterisk next to their name. Pat is about a 440 series from making it 5 for 5. On a positive note, we did have the first beer frame of the year. Later on in that same game we again all had strikes during a team 7 consecutive strike run started in the 7th by JD. We are not the best, we are not the worst...something better change quick or we will never finish first.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back and properly archiving the "achievements" of the Diablos for generations to come!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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