Sunday, March 2, 2008

The computer is update

A few weeks without the services of the home computer and the blogging world is clamoring for a Los Diablos Bowling team update. In the past few weeks we have seen our 1st 600 series, turned in by Rick with an impressive 618. If Rick could actually get a mark in the 10th I could see a 700 series in his future. Nice job. Speaking of marks in the 10th.....the whole team (all five of us) went without a mark in the 10th frame of the 1st and the 3rd game...and Brian wasn't even here!!! Needless the say, we let a 7-0 evening turn into a 2-5 evening. Dan turned in the season's high game for the team with a 231 (previous team high by Dan at 226) and immediately found the 1st ball gutter ball that had previously eluded him and managed to score 105 pins lower in the next game. As a team we also shattered our previous high of 902 with a nice 927 effort. Pat's recent tear has put him in the low 160's, steadily improving his average.

Clearly some highs and lows over the last few weeks. Now let's do a little reflection on the season. Remember how we started out? 14-0 after 2 weeks and 19-2 after 3 weeks. We all knew that torrid of a pace would not continue but as of 11/13/07 we had a very respectable 50-27 and were solidly in 1st place. We started the downward slide about this time and limped into a 1st half of the season playoff spot with a record of 60-52 (10 and 25 the last 5 weeks of the 1st half). It doesn't get any prettier...since our 50-27 in November, we have gone 25 and 66. OUCH.

We are running out of time boys, winning breeds winning and losing breeds losing. We need to get back in the habit of winning in order to make some noise in the playoffs. We started the season solidly in first, it now appears we are aiming for worst.

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