Saturday, November 22, 2008

Captain Brian is a Star!

The core team of 5 was back together for the last 2 weeks and it was clear to Brian that he needed to shake things up in his role as team captain. Going with the "dress for success" philosophy, Brian looked radiant as he donned a smart looking blue blouse with a large white star emblazoned upon his chest. The other team members noticed that his physique looked slightly more "puffy" (too bad Jim D. was not there to admire the body change as he did when he commented how Jim M. was filling out his clothes last season). It was not until the 3rd pitcher of beer when Brian revealed not only the reason for the puffiness but his unusual choice of body jewelry. Author's note: I would have bet his would have been pink, not brown!!!
Whatever the reasoning for the change, the team appreciated it as Brian bowled like a man deserving to wear a star upon his chest. Three games all over average (150, 165 and 157) and a very respectable 472 series to overcome our 1st game massacre to win the night 4-3. Jim M. returned to the solid Jim of 2008-2009 with a 550. Dan (439) and Pat (462) put in sub par performances. Mark, fresh off last week's dominating performance that led to the cocky, walking out to the car comment "I told your I was a 160 bowler", finished up with a 390 (that's a 130 average for anyone mathematically challenged).
Two comments regarding the commitment to the team and new ball purchases: 1) After Brian's performance I hope he does not feel he is just fine with his current equipment 2) After our opponent's "What is that, a 12 pound ball?" comment to Mark, I hope he has been quilted into a purchase.

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