Wednesday, November 5, 2008

14 game losing streak..FNG returns!

Since the last entry when there was a comment about how our .314 winning percentage had taken a nice jump up to .428 by virtue of some recent stellar team play, our winning percentage has plummeted to .333! This is what happens when you go 0 -14 over a 2 week period and your overall record drops to 24 and 46. Not sure what the answer is but we are just not in sync this year.

There were no real highlights last week except Jim's solid 567 series bolstered by his 2nd game 224. Other than the always appreciated "I'm carrying the team" commentary from Jim nothing of note occurred as no one else cracked the 500 barrier (pointed out by Jim).

You might have guessed that to go 0-7 a 2nd week in row would also have very few highlights but you would be wrong. Dan (181, 185, 198) and Pat (177, 172, 185) both smashed the 500 series mark and battled throughout the evening as they tried mightily to hold the struggling team together. Wow, 2 others over 500 and of course Jim probably broke 600. Wrong. Mr. Broad Shoulders was reduced to a quivering mess as he struggled ("I have a scab on my leg, don't you know?") to a JD-like 457. FNG beat him in the 3rd game for crying out loud.

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