Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beer Frame - noun. The act of all five members of a bowling team rolling a strike in the same frame. Achieving the five consecutive strikes is traditionally rewarded with a round of drinks provided by the bowling alley.

After 3 seasons the pursuit of the elusive beer frame has finally come to an end. There was an increased amount of talk about this throughout this particular evening.....did everyone sense this was the night? How could this rag tag collection of 60% regulars and 40% subs even think of it, especially when the man who has been carrying us (so graciously and humbly, I might add) was not present? The tension built as JD knocked them all down, then Brian (yes, BRIAN!) followed by Jim H. The two subs and Brian did their part, now it was just down to the brothers. Could they hold up their end of the bargain? Pat, Mr. Clutch when he needs to make the perfect bags throw (but also the owner of the most gutters this year) came through followed by Dan. The team's reaction as the 50th pin fell in the 9th frame of the third game was as if we had just won the Super Bowl or the World Series. The rest of the bowling alley must have thought someone had a 300 game. There was a collective shaking of their heads as they realized it was just Los Diablos finally getting a beer frame....losers.

It was this 3rd game where everything came together. It helped erase the memory of the 8 pin loss in the 1st game where everyone but Pat failed to mark in the 10th. We rebounded in the 2nd game and won by 38 pins. It was on the strength of the beer frame that the bowling gods smiled upon Los Diablos. Brian finished the game with 5 consecutive strikes, Pat got his 4th and 5th straight strikes in the 10th on the way to a 216. Dan threw a strike in 6 of the last 7 seven frames to overcome a 3rd frame score of 33 on the way to a 202. Free haircuts for Brian, Pat and Dan.

Our 11 and 24 record (.314) of a few weeks ago has been improved to 24 and 32 (.428). It's fun to string some winning weeks together boys...let's keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Looks good Dan. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Love Pat