Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Muli-Gutter night....

Looking back at the previous two blog entries, the author feels the appropriate amount of time and lineage was applied to the less than stellar 1st game efforts of Dan. However, Dr. Sensitive ("how come you always pick on me and not on Pat?") has pointed out that this is not the case.

Here goes....for the third consecutive week, the "anchor" came out of the gates with a dazed and confused look. Time after time pins remained and the designated 7 quarters for the evening were gone after one game as Dan "hit the hip" more often than his ball hit the pins. With a 74 in the 8th, Dan would need a couple or marks to break 100 (yes, Dan, we realize you are the only one who has not gone under 100). Of course, when you have earned a 74 through 8, doing this is not a sure thing. With the encouragement from his team (yeah, right) Dan got his 2 marks and limped in with a career low 107.

This was not the only low light of the evening as Pat managed to bowl 2 gutters in the same game. JD was so intrigued by the prospect of missing all tens pins with his first ball, he too, threw a gutter. This extraordinary bowling process (by 2 members of the same team who were different than the 107 game guy) prompted a member of the other team to sarcastically state: "Thanks for cleaning out the oil from the gutters!" Ouch.

Three paragraphs in and no mention of Captain Brian? He was there and proud of the fact that his 2nd game 109 was not as bad as Dan's 1st game 107. It is nice to know Dan's 1st game efforts are now the standard by which Mr. 133 average and Mr. 122 average gauge their games. While Brian was walking around with his 109 influenced chest puffed out, Pat brought him down to reality when he stated "I don't think I have ever seen Brian pick up a 10 pin". Ouch, again. Author's note: Brian did pick up the 10 pin.

There was a collective team effort in the last game as we rallied to salvage 3 points. Some gems from the other team...."Who put the quarter in Dan" and "You are the only team that can keep up with us drinking."

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