Sunday, October 5, 2008

Failure to launch!

For the 2nd straight week Dan showed up with his head up his ass, not prepared to do his part for the team. After an anemic 1st game "effort" of 116 last week, Dan topped that with an impotent 111 (his all time low). While this individual effort was pathetic, the other team members hardly picked up their struggling clean up man. Pat's 1st game 144 was 13 below average, Jim's 147 was a whopping 47 below average and FNG's 119 (he actually was bragging about his 119 in relation to Dan's 111!) was 4 below average. Thankfully, super sub JD's solid 165 kept the bleeding to a minimum and we only lost the 1st game by 111.

There was not much else positive on this evening with the exception of JD's high game of 179 on the way to a very nice 508 series. Pat's 455 was actually not that short of his average but a far cry from the 500+ goal he has set for himself. While Dan's 429 resulted in a 4 pin drop in his average, it was not quite as bad as the 9 point pin average hit that Jim's took as the result of his 484 (we all suspected that the two 600+ series would be hard to maintain, but not getting to 500?). After a solid 2nd game effort of 142, it was pointed out that FNG just needed a 139 to break the 400 barrier. With this added pressure on his back (and hand on his throat), he threw up a 115 to finish with a 376 for the evening.

O for 7 boys......let's regroup and get this team heading in the right direction.

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