Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Season is under way!!

Team Los Diablos started off the new season with 4 members of the original team and were once again searching for the elusive 5th team member. The dunce cap landed on yet another Naperville wannabe from the 'hood. It did not take long for the team to treat him as a long lost friend, taking no time to start heaping on the verbal abuse with no mercy. There was some speculation that Mark may n0t return for week 2. To his credit (or a testament to his stupidity) he showed up in week 2, raring to go.

Enough of the "welcome the new team member" crap. Let's get a re-cap of the nights' events. Week 1 saw Jim come storming out of the gates with an impressive 605 series...2 games over 200! Unfortunately for the overall team standings, those 2 games outscored the 3 game series for the majority of the team. Pat's 395, Brian's 379 and Mark's 357 left Jim mumbling under his breath. Dan's 461 was not all that much better and the team had an uninspired 2-5 record.

In week 2, Jim was out to show that week 1 was no fluke. A career best game of 255 led to a career best series of 620. After a 605 and a 620, I can only provide positive comments on this effort. Congratulations Jim. The question now is....can you keep it up? (easy Jim, I'm talking about the bowling scores). Pat up'd his score from the previous week, using a 210 to springboard to a 512 series. Dan had a 192 and 179 before limping home with a "Paulsenized" 3rd game 121. Brian, saving the best to last, had a 3rd game of 143, leading to the in-your-face "Paulsenize that!" comment. Mark's 131, 138 and 110 led everyone to fondly remember another Los Diablos of the same name. The team took the evening 5-2 to even up the record for the year.

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