Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FNG can't deliver on promise

"Hey, guys, I've got a 180 bowler that wants to join our team", Jim said enthusiastically. "Great, let's make him our new leader, we have to replace Ass-pan." Three weeks into the new season, as we sat around debating if the FNG (fu#@&ing new guy), claimed he was a 180 or a 160 bowler, it took a comment from Dan to put it all into perspective: "It does not really matter if he claimed he was a 180 or a 160 bowler, the reality is he is a 120 bowler". Of course this got the group laughing which led FNG Mark (his new name until he gets to at least 160) to state: "I don't think I like playing with you guys." "Neither does anyone else."

Thankfully we could laugh at that little exchange because our effort for the evening was only worthy of tears. After a dominating 1st game victory, we took a beating in game 2 and 3, losing the huge lead we built in the 1st game, stumbling to a 2-5 record for the evening. Despite the overall disappointment, there were a few highlights. Jim (223) and Dan (208) both broke 200 in the 1st game. Pat (516), Jim (521) and Dan (504) all broke the 500 series mark. Brain got more marks in these 3 games then he got in the month of April last season and Mark's 2nd game rally in the 10th allowed him to finish with a solid 105,avoiding the sub 100 humiliation.

It was fun watching Jim bowl his 4th, 200+ game in the 1st seven games of this season, but there was some suspicion that he was on borrowed time. Well, the bowling gods called in the loan in the 3rd game as Jim had six, 1st ball sevens and no strikes until the 10th frame on the way to a Brianesq 139 (Brian wishes he could bowl a 139!!). Pat, feeling the pressure of the 540 challenge put out by Dan, missed 3, middle of the lane 1 pin pickups on the way to a 151. If only 2 of the 3 had been picked up the 540 was within reach. Remember what your Dad says(no, not the smelly balls comment) "You have more than 2 ball widths to pick those up for crying out loud!!" At one point Pat was heard exclaiming: "The damn coach messed me up!!"

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