Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another step closer

Sitting on top of our division with a slight 1 game advantage over last week's opponent, you would think we would be primed for a big night. Brian's adrenaline was still pumping from the glorious 532 series he turned in last week and was out to prove it was no fluke. In five of the first seven frames he got a strike, recording a 77 in the 3rd and a 109 in the 5th. Each time all ten pins hit the floor Brian would shrug his shoulders and sheepishly give us the
"What the f#%k?" look. I can see the Visa commercial now: Pitcher of beer $ balling bowl purchased with gift certificate $20.......goofy "what the f#%k" expression on your face when you get another strike?.....PRICELESS! A little slippage at the end still earned Brian a 171.

Along with Brian's nice game, Dan tossed down a 185. With these 2 scores you would think we were on our way to a solid victory. A victory we got, solid it was not. FNG's 104 had him dreaming of golf season, Pat's 147 was non descript and someone needs to explain to Jim that transposing the numbers of your average (182 average, 128 game) does very little to help the team. Despite this uninspired team effort (40 pins below average) we actually won the 1st game by a whopping 8 pins. Dan's first ball strike in the 10th sealed the deal.

Game 2 saw the team "improve" to twenty pins below average and another victory. I guess it is all about match ups and we were fortunate that "Mr. Wonderful" (Jim K.) took time off from his WWF wrestling schedule to try out his new ball against us.

Continuing the below average theme of the evening, we out did ourselves in the 3rd game, plummeting to a 660 team score, a 117 pins below average. Needless to say we lost the third game and total pins to finish 4-3. I am not sure if it was the cockiness of Pat and Jim with the "Be a man, have only 6 quarters in your pocket" taunt of Dan or was it the image of Dan standing naked in front of a mirror etched in everyone's mind that so adversely affected the team? Either way the following efforts of Jim 480, Dan 448, Pat 432, Brian 422 and FNG 369 (failed to reach the girly 120's TWICE) will not lead us to the success we so want to become accustomed to.

Author's note: Ironically Dan tossed in only 1 quarter in the 1st game while Jim and Pat emptied their pockets.

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