Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Los Diablos....back on top!!!

A late rally at the end of the fall season moved Los Diablos into 2nd place in our division. Hard to believe with our once pitiful winning percentage at the beginning that we would somehow manage to "earn" an end of the year play off spot. With only 4 teams per division this seems a little questionable but Brian insists we are in (sorry Jim, no winnings are dispersed in December).

The 2nd half of the season started the week of Christmas, and the team seemed inspired by the $40 gift and free drink coupons, winning the evening 5-2. A much better start to the season than how we did back in the fall. Both Brian and Mark took the plunge, showing up with new balls (bowling not groinal). A sheepish Brian looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar as he was picking out his ball and Dan walked in, only to hear the bowling ball consultant ask: "You want to get better, don't you?" With Dan as a witness, Brian really only had one option for an answer.

With the week of New Year's off, the team showed they were serious about the 2nd half of the season as all 5 core members showed up for Sunday practice. Although Pat and Brian were not able to play this week, Scott and super sub JD filled out the team and we took the evening again winning 5-2. At 10-4 this will put us solidly in 1st place and put our overall record at an even 63-63. This is quite an improvement since we were 24-46 in November!!!

Jim carried us in the 1st game on the strength of 7 consecutive strikes on the way to an impressive 245. JD's career high 225 (215) in the 2nd game led to an excellent 513 series while Mark's career high 178 (165) led to a solid 443. Scott was entertaining as always, at one point completing the classic "Prybel", picking up the spare after a gutter ball. He may have been intrigued at the prospect of having something named after him, so he proceeded to do the unthinkable of throwing a gutter ball in the right alley followed by a gutter ball in the left alley. A stellar 17 in the 2nd frame followed by a 17 in the 3rd was picture worthy but we did not get one. Like it or not, the double gutter will forever be known as an "Atlas".

Oh yeah, one last tidbit. Twice, we had 4 of us get a strike in the same frame, and twice we had the same person miss in that frame. We did get a round of shots out of it though.

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