Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The hottest ticket around!

A new found confidence spurred on by recent ball purchases has Los Diablos' equivalent of the 8th and 9th hitters in a baseball line-up itching to get back on the lanes. Both Brian and Mark have been finding themselves gazing dreamily into space, mouth a gape with a little drool dripping down their chin, fantasizing of new found glory and respect from their team mates. While we appreciate the desire to demonstrate your improvement, a potential sanction may be levied against Mark for his derogatory reference of "Double gutter" directed towards teammate Scott.

The quick 10-4 start to 2nd half of the season even excited JD so much that he could not stay away and stopped by to witness the growing excitement swirling around the team. We took our league low team average of 775 up against the team tied for 1st in our division and the 2nd low average of the league(784). We may have been caught up in our own success as the combination of us bowling 100 below average and them bowling 100 above average led to a 200 pin ass-kicking. Down a quick 2 points, Brian took charge of the 2nd game, putting up a season high score of 199 (up from 119 1st game). Everyone improved over the 1st game: Pat 123 to 190, Jim 149 to 168, Dan 145 to 170 and Scott 130 to 166 which led to a team 893 which is well over our average. This performance tied us 2 to 2 going into game 3.

In the 3rd game Brian again stepped it up and improved his season high of 199 up to a career high 214 on the way to a 532 series. Dan matched Brian's 214 (529), Jim had a 175 (492) Pat shot 167 (480) and Scott had a 127 (423) all leading to a 3rd game victory. Unfortunately, the 200 point deficit in game 1 was too much to overcome and we only came away with a 4-3 evening.

As always, we have a good time and take away certain tidbits each team we play. Whether it was the Mini-Me's, menstrual-like pheromone influenced double strikes or Neal's absolute obsession and irritation with our ability (luck?) of knocking down strikes on the wrong side of town, we can always share a smile with each other. Looking forward to Tuesday, boys.

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