Thursday, October 8, 2009

The team continues to jell

We all know the joys and / or pains of waking up with morning wood. It all depends how you "handle" the situation. The same could be said when we are asked to step out of our division and take on the big this case, team Morning Wood. Strutting around with an engorged 952 team scratch series average (we just now have reached 800) they clearly knew they had the upper hand playing the Division "A" Los Diablos. How did we handle it you ask? We were clearly "up" for the challenge. With no one really having a great 1st game we bowled an above average 816 (led by Brian's 185) and only lost by a mere 12 pins. We may just have a chance.

Not only did we have a chance, our 2nd game of 838 (Jim M 199, Pat 195, Dan 183) tied the score at 2-2. Pumped up by the 2nd game victory, there was renewed discussion of the newly established 5 by 5 goal. A 500 series was within grasp for all five bowlers. A couple beer frames here, a tequila frame there and we would be all set. Here comes the bad news / good news part: There were no beer frames nor tequila frames and only 2 bowlers hit 500+ (Jim M 545 and Dan 525) (bad news). However, we won the 3rd game by 76 pins, took the evening 5-2, and 2 bowlers came very close to the 500 series (Pat 488 and Brian 487). This all despite Brian throwing what Jim described as the sh%#tiest ball ever. Of course, Brian returned the compliment a couple of balls later claiming Jim had then thrown an even sh%#tier ball (and therefore this had now become the sh#%tiest ball ever). Oh, the encouragement we give one another!!

I will end with a few closing disturbing thoughts regarding a group of men who would call themselves "Morning Wood"....1)at one point after Pat got a strike via the "back door", one of the woodsman enthusiastically pranced up to our table and shrieked "The back door is closed for me!" The uncomfortable involuntary puckering of my sphincter reminded me of the questionable make-up of this league's players. 2) After a particularly good frame by one of the opponents and an exchange of high fives by all, I again felt queasy by the utter delicacy and femininity of his soft hands 3) Why would you have cards with pictures of fat women and men with big Johnsons?

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