Sunday, October 25, 2009

The tension was high as the 1st place Diablos were matched up with the 2nd place Misfits. Was it their lack of a friendly handshake at the end of a dominating Diablos' performance last year or the fact that they edged us out in the standings that has caused this bad blood? Or could it be Dean's two-bird, ball return kicking tantrums? Maybe its Neil's bizarre style / yell / "wrong side" comments that irritates us. Maybe its the Mini Me's.....or maybe its just all of the above. Whatever it is, they are our Green Bay Packers......the team we want to beat the most.

How did we handle this heated rivalry? As our name would imply, we came out on fire. Led by Jim's 215 and our 1st of the year tequila shot (courtesy of JD), we bowled a nice, above average 831, winning by 126 pins. In the 2nd game we were even better. With scores clustered between 154 and 190, we bowled an 849 which led to a 61 point victory. With puffed out chests the team was talking sweep, many of us already putting the dominating victory in the score book.

Unfortunately, the "that's why you play the game" and "don't count your chickens until they are hatched" type phrases are so overused. Was it the affects of the tequila shot on our skills or the mental let down that contributed to what seemed was heading to a 4-3 evening instead of the 7-0 evening? The 743 score and losing the third game by 86 pins may indicate it was both. The bottom line is we could / should have been 7 -0 but we actually were 5-2.....which is a could showing.

Some "fyi" info to ponder: Rosary Florist took and O'fer, dropping into a tie with the Misfits at 21-28, trailing our impressive 31-18 record. Neil claimed he was a 201 bowler last year. In actuality his average was 168 on 10/21/08 and 176 on 4/28/09. While it feels good to catch Neil in a lie, it makes me want to puke thinking he his better than our whole team....YIKES!!

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