Friday, October 30, 2009

The team had a comfortable 10 point lead in the standings as we once again ventured out of our division to take on the 2nd best team in the league. As we have proven many times in the past, all we need to do is bowl our average or a little above and we have a very good chance of winning the evening. Handicaps are a great thing and even without Muck (also known as the new anchorman?) in attendance we felt good about our chances.

Putting up our 800 team average against their 952 may intimidate some teams....but not Los Diablos!! Not only did we shrink like a frightened turtle from the challenge, we tossed out a season low 681.......yes, 681. That would be 119 pins below average. The sad thing is we only lost by 49. Two bowlers failing to reach the girly 120's and another achieving it could explain the stellar performance.

Game 2 we stepped it up to a 730 and game 3 we were really smoking with a 754. Unfortunately for us, their score improved every game also, leading to the shameful 0-7. What we did manage to establish was an official reference name to Brian's tendency to clear out the 3 left pins on his first ball.....which will now forever be referred to as a "BP3". Editor's note: while the BP3 refers to knocking down the 4,7,8 pins, the team established frequently it could also be used for a 6,9,10 knockdown.

As the 3rd game was concluding, the talk of a team 5 x 500 seemed ludicrous as 3 bowlers were struggling to flirt with a 400. The totals for the night: Pat 503 (could he be back?), Dan 492 (right on his 164 average), JD 402(got him talking about lunch time practice sessions), Brian 394 (has he EVER talked about a practice session?) and Mark 370 (he sure seems like a better bowler with the new ball but the results have not come yet). These scores prompted a mandatory 4th game team practice session. The only significant thing that came out of the 4th game was Mark's 1st two frames when he did a Prybel followed by a BP3. Yes, he missed them all then picked up the spare and then only knocked down 3 and also picked up that spare.

As if the 0-7 evening could be any worse, the Misfits took all seven and are now within 3 games of the lead.

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