Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 pins away from a 7-0

Although they are a team in disarray, anytime we meet head to head with the Misfits it is a special night. The bad blood between the teams may have stemmed from the infamous no hand shake game last year when we kicked their asses and had no shame in letting them know it all evening. Or is it the Mini Me's and the blue tooth? I have written many times about our battles with the Misfits and to see the team crumble before your eyes almost make you cry. Almost, that is, until you hear Neal mumble something about "wrong side", or watch his contorted delivery style (oh, yeah, forgot, only Pat and I admit to watching other bowlers). Yet I think what gets us the most (as well as other league members) is the yell as his ball approaches the pins. Jim, from the next lane over, described the yell as the sound one would make as a boiled potato was being inserted in one's rectum (rectum...damn near killed him!!). I can only hope to never experience this procedure to validate that theory.

After last week's light bulb moment regarding the likelihood of reaching a 500 series(not), I am glad to report that Brian decided to man-up and actually prove to the team, and to himself, that he could break a 500. His first 2 games of 179 and 182 put him in excellent position (wait, I have heard this tune before). Would the desire to remain a 148 bowler overshadow this great start? No!!! Bringing it home with a 211 he bowled a career high 572 series. Of course we all enjoyed our captain's success and continually reacted well as he was having his success but nothing could have matched our reaction after one particular strike. Knowing it was a "cheap" strike, a grinning Brian stuck out his hand for a high five from Neal. Looking shocked and disgusted all at once, Neal disdainfully turned his head and left Brian's hand hanging in the breeze.

Other bowlers also had success on this evening. A couple lanes down Dave was clearly irritated when his 300 game slipped away, prompting Jim to state: "Ole long arm doesn't like 280 games". Speaking of Jim, he rolled a solid 565 (182, 180, 203), Pat's 569 (165, 205, 199) was 2nd to Brian and Dan had a quiet 540 (174, 199, 167). Four down and one to go for the 5 x 5(despite Brian's "not a chance in hell that is ever going to happen with me on the team" declaration last week). JD has flirted with and achieved the 500 in recent weeks so it seemed a distinct possibility. Although a 137, 157 and 136 would be admirable scores if you took 3 separate IQ tests, this is a men's bowling league and a 430 series is not all that impressive. Better get those 133 average evenings out of the way before the neighborhood kids finish their five lessons!!

With all games above average (837, 923, 916) we finished the evening 5-2. This despite losing the 1st game by 2 pins (when we thought we had it in the bag). Tequila shots (as well as Fat Tuesday chips and salsa) were supplied by Dan, who cried: "JD has gotten about 3 strikes all night and one of them has to be when I have to buy shots?" Although Dan's recent 10th frame difficulties seemed to be eliminated, there was one particular 1oth when Dan did not have a strike and 2nd man Brian managed to get his first 2 strikes in the 10th. Pat then proceeded to throw a non strike on his first throw which prompted Jim to say: "That may be the first ever one ball, double tequila bailout".

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