Saturday, February 27, 2010

We demand a recount!!!

Going into the evening we all felt we were a sweep or 2 away from wrapping up the 2nd half division title based on what we thought was a commanding lead. A quick glance at the standings, accompanied by some BS "explanation", revealed that our lead was not quite what we thought it was. The explanation was there was a minor error and only about 15 points were big deal. No big deal unless of course you are the team that saw your 21 point win column lead shrink to 12. Oh well, I guess it is what it is. How would the team respond?

Bowling our most consistent game of the year (172 low to 193 high) the 895 total was good for a 31 point win. While the 2nd game was not as good (835) it was almost as consistent with scores ranging from 151 to 184 and a 37 point win. Game 3 saw a further dip to 819 (but still above average) and a 153 point victory for a 7-0 sweep. We will just have to build up our big lead again.

Brian remained on a tear blowing away the perceived unachievable 500 for the 2nd week in a row with a 553 (177,184,172). For his efforts he got to buy the team a tequila round. Jim bowled 541 with a 193, 170, 178. Dan's 517 was nothing special with a 173, 164, 181. Pat managed to get a 470 despite not hitting the head pin one time all evening. This marks only his 2nd sub 500 series since his 629 series 10 week ago. That brings us to JD.

Perhaps it was the preseason hope that JD would be challenging Jim for the anchor spot or his own recent success that prompted Brian to once again show he was indeed the team captain. Making a bold lineup change he switched Pat and JD. How would he react? How does a 181 followed by a 166 sound? With a 2 game total of 347 a 500 series was almost ensured. The team's consistent first 2 games had set us up for our best chance for the 5 x 5. There was no need for someone to bowl a 200+ to reach 500. Pat needed a 177 (he bowled a 147) and JD needed a 153 (he bowled a 121). Oh well, no 5x5 but a 7-0 evening nonetheless.

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