Monday, February 15, 2010

An average evening

Sporting a team average of 809 our scores for the evening were 830, 800 and 803. Based on the "all we have to do is bowl our average" theory you would think that we won the first game and lost the second well as series. If that is how you thought, you would be right. Could it have been the shots of Oberweis chocolate milk that powered us to the first game victory or the lack of tequila shots that contributed to the below average 2nd and 3rd games? You never really can tell but with no beer frames or tequila frames you may get the impression that the team was not clicking on all cylinders.

To his credit, JD came out smokin' with a 170 and 210. Knowing that a 500 series was in the bag it appeared he may have let his guard down in game three. I am not sure if the 88 was in the 7th or the 8th but I threatened to wring his neck if he let the 500 series slip away after his great start. He puffed out his chest and declared: "If I don't get a 500 I will not bowl the rest of the year". I am glad to report he rallied to reach the girly 120's (127) and finish with a 507. Jim's lackluster evening was somewhat salvaged as he need a 204 in the 3rd game to match JD's 507. Pat's 508 was the high series of the night while Dan's 492 wa slightly below average. Brian's 1st game 153 had us all anticipating a normal week's performance of three games of 150 plus or minus 6 pins (we wish). Brian scorched past the girly 120's with a 132 and 134.

There was one "light bulb" moment on this non descript evening. Brian, with his 148 average, came to the realization that it is much more difficult (and unlikely) for him to get a 500 series than it is for Jim (185 average) to get a 500 series. I am pretty sure as Brian was stating this somewhat obvious fact that in his mind he was thinking " get OFF MY BACK!!" I just don't think "Four by 5 and a score less 500" has the same ring as "5 by 5". Who knows? Let's try it out this week.

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